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Comic and Gaming Club

- Members receive 10% discount on comics, games & related items.
- Save even more using our subscription service and get your favorite comics guaranteed and at a whopping 20% off
- Exclusive quarterly Club Member Only sales the last full week of Jan, Apr, Jul & Oct.  Save 40% on back issues, 20% on games & supplies, and more!
- New Memberships $25; renewals Start in September at $10, then go up each month.
- All memberships expire on December 31.

Club Rules

NO Card, No Discount

Your membership card is for you only. Allowing others to use your card is not permitted. You must show card when making your purchases. We are not responsible for lost discounts. If you lose your card, to replace it costs $1.

Special Orders may require a deposit

You'll be notified when I need to leave a deposit for special orders. Some orders even if a deposit id down, may not be filled due to allocation, resolicitations, or cancellations. In the event  that a special order is unavailable, damaged, or cancelled by the distributor, your deposit is refundable.

We Do Not Do Back Issue Special Orders

We will be happy to check our own backstock of 500,000 comics. Due to lack of space on sales floor, we keep older / cancelled series in the basement & 3rd floor. Check out the lists & if you need any of these titles, we will check as soon as possible to see if we have the issue you want.

We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities

Sometimes our orders are allocated, meaning we only receive a percentage of what we ordered. In these cases, the product is given to those who placed orders first down. Also, we may limit 1 per customer of a product that was allocated.

Please Respect Our Store

This includes putting things back where you found them, placing trash in the proper receptacles inside and outside the store. If you need help with anything just ask.

Renewals Accepted September 1st through December 31st. 

Club members must renew by December 31st or else rejoin after January 1st at full price.

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