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New and Used Books .png
- Eight rooms of used books spread out over 2 floors; fiction & non-fiction.
- Paperback trading on used books.
- Frequent Reader Stamp Card Incentive on used book purchases.
- 10% Discount on most new books; special orders are encouraged.
- We offer a used book search service to locate hard to find books, for a service fee


- You may only trade paperback books.
- For each paperback you trade, you pay a $1.25 Handling Fee.
- Your credit is equal to half the cover price of your paperbacks, up to $6.00 per book.
- Credit can only be used on paperbacks of the same category.
- Handling Fee must be paid; it cannot be deducted from you credit.
- You do not have to use all your credit at once, but all credit slips have an expiration date.


- Book Buying Hours are 10am-5pm Mon-Fri or by appointment.
- Our want list is always changing; please call for the most current list.


- $10 purchase of used books=one stamp.
- 10 stamps=$10 credit for used books only.
- Trading credit not eligible for stamps.
- Cannot be used to pay Handling Fees.
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